Collaboration Space

Very little of interest is achieved without working with other people. The most productive and innovative people get their best results by surrounding themselves with other people who have diverse and complimentary skills, attitudes and talents. You may be a natural planner, negotiator, salesperson, accountant, designer, or supervisor. You may have qualifications in engineering, marketing, human resources, production, or finance. Most people do have a special super-power in some area. But they can do a lot more lifting if they focus on that super-power and leverage that talent with the talents of other people.

These are some of the collaboration functions Wayfinders is planning:

  • Business Match-making: Find members with complementary talents or expertise
  • Team Venture: Form a joint venture team to take advantage of an opportunity
  • Collaborative Project Management: Manage a collaborative project online with budgets, schedules and dashboards
  • CoLab: Use a collaborative design space and build product prototypes
  • Crowd-source: Ask the crowd for their best solutions and let them form online teams