Wayfinding for New Canadians

Wayfinders for New Canadians is to engage and empower New Canadians in life-affirming activities aiming at a collaborative and active engagement with their new environment. It aims to highlight and offer tools for a better integration in civil society, social inclusion & developing healthy relationships with people & institutions; public education and awareness about immigration & settlement to Canada, and affirming the essential multicultural | intercultural nature of their new society.

  1. New Canadians will find:
    • links to settlement services that specialize in helping New Canadians find homes, jobs, English as a Second Language, schools, health services and more
    • links to ethnic community associations
    • mentors who are willing to share their learning experiences
    • inspiring and instructional settlement success stories
    • tips on shopping, job search and interviews, getting kids into a good school
    • information on how to run a business in the Canadian context - laws, banking, insurance, market, customer service, etc.
  2. Fernanda arrives in Edmonton from The Philippines. She is picked up by her sister and brother-in-law who came to Canada five years earlier. They greet her with a hug and a Wayfinders for New Canadians flyer. She will make good use of this app and stay with them for a while as it will guide her to integrating to Canada in a friendly and self-empowering way. An organic farmer with some training in permaculture, Fernanda is very eager to learn what her new place in a new society will be. After a couple days of visiting, she uses one of her web-able devises to explore her new land. "Welcome to Canada," reads the heading. The pages proceed to describe the Canadian lifestyle, with places to go and things to see. It contains demographic data about the Canadian population, maps and a brief history. It even gives an orientation to hockey! This is designed specifically for the new Canadian as an easy introduction.
  3. Ahmet arrives in Winnipeg from Iran with his wife, Aylar, and small three kids; he’s excited and grateful his immigration application was approved and they are now officially landed-immigrants. But, many challenges remain – he and his spouse are architects-photographers by profession. They have a few social friends here, but are not familiar with the country and its unique features. He knows it will offer him and his family new opportunities, but where to find the information? Finding a home, school for the kids, a job? How to find familiar food, a family doctor? Ahmed sees a Wayfinders for New Canadians flyer at the welcome centre and decides to download the app and try it out. The app opens a window to all the critical information he and his spouse needs.
  4. Arlee and his family have been managing to survive at a refugee camp in Mogadishu for some time dreaming of Canada and its opportunities for a better life for him, spouse and two kids. His application has been finally accepted and they are on their way to Calgary. Before the civil war, he was a farmer and his wife,Margret, had a little shop in the village. A few days after arrival a settlement worker gives him a Wayfinders for New Canadians promo card encouraging him to download the app and start exploring his new land! Maybe he can study and become an agriculturist and Margret an entrepreneur with her own business once again. They are directed to a wide variety of settlement service agencies. They also find advice about running a business in Canada, including Canadian markets, laws, banking, insurance and general business practice.
  5. Fatima, a former filmmaker-videographer has seen much of her former land destroyed by years of civil war. She moved with her young family to Jordan and have been at a UN Refugee Camp patiently waiting for their application to move to a safe country -- Canada. Now with mobile access to the web she can get a Wayfinders' glimpse of what awaits her in a new land. In particular she finds links to Canada's film and video production industry associations. Here she finds a way to quickly and easily reach out to fellow professionals with shared interests. Starting a new life in a new land need not be so intimidating.