Thea The Accountant Builds Her Network

Thea owns an accounting business specializing in service industry clients. She knows there is demand for her services and the potential for growth, but doesn’t know how to reach a large but hidden market, international companies operating in Canada. Her frustration grows as she continues to use word of mouth and spotty internet ads to try to grow her business.

In an effort to maximize her assets, Thea buys a membership to a local chapter of Wayfinders. Within weeks, she gets training and coaching in market research that helps her decide where to focus her advertising. She gets help from other members to develop a brand, a logo, and a marketing plan.

Much of her work now is conducted online for other Wayfinders members, many of whom have head offices in other countries. She has two employees and an established customer base. Although Wayfinders has reliable accounting packages for members, a professional accountant is needed to certify the accuracy and authenticity of recorded transactions at year end and to prepare corporate tax returns. Other members just don't have the time or inclination to work with numbers. Thea is definitely a 'numbers kind of person'!

When Thea needs a computer technician she turns to the co-op and finds a member who will fix and maintain her computer on an as needed basis. Thea also hires another full-time junior accountant through the Wayfinders job board and her business growth accelerates. Within a year Thea becomes a mentor to new cooperative members as she contributes her knowledge to the cooperative.