The Wedding Plan

A young woman, Alejandra, stands in the middle of the room. She has exciting news. Her boyfriend, Samir, has just proposed to her. Samir walks into the room with a ring box. Alejandra takes the ring and puts it on her finger. Now the planning begins. Wedding planner, venue, photographer, DJ, invitations, officiate ...

Samir and Alejandra look visibly worried. They both pull out their smart phones simultaneously and begin scrolling through them vigorously. At one time, we thought technological changes would simplify our lives. However, technology has helped create information overload and the number of choices we face adds to the complexity of business and personal operations.

Samir and Alejandra point to each other phones and begin discussing, shaking their heads and not agreeing on anything. Complexity does not preclude us from having to make decisions and collaborating on a positive outcome however. And this is where Wayfinders Business Cooperative comes in.

Wayfinders Business Cooperative is a cloud-based community, offering a one-stop-shop for networking, collaborating, decision making, professional development and much, much more at a local level.

Alejandra and Samir go back to their phones with a relieved smile on their faces. If Alejandra and Samir want to find an appropriate wedding planner, Wayfinders locates the planners in their area who are not only close, but also those who are within their budget, who have the availability, who perhaps specialize in the religious or ethnic specifics they want to include in their wedding all under one virtual roof.

Most importantly, Wayfinders puts you in contact with real people you can connect with in valuable face-to-face meetings, even at Wayfinders physical office and meeting space. Because, the wedding planner is a member of Wayfinders Business Cooperative too! While Alejandra and Samir make their important decisions, the planner is reviewing her potential clients to see who would make the best match for her as well.

The wedding planner can work with other stakeholders in this wedding using scheduling and budgeting open source software to work affectively and effectively – as a community - on making a memorable event. All this meeting, planning and organizing is done entirely within the Wayfinders platform.

Alejandra and Samir sit on a couch with a small table in front of them. They are looking at a laptop on the table some notebooks litter the table and a calendar is behind them with many of the days filled in. With myriad options available, Wayfinders can help Alejandra and Samir make the final decision on the partners they engage with using decision making software. Understanding member’s preferences, limitations and desires allow Wayfinders to tailor your requests and suggest a path for greater satisfaction and more fruitful partnerships.

Alejandra and Samir stand up from the couch and are joined by the wedding planner, DJ, photographer and officiate who walk into frame and stand beside them. Wayfinders is here to standardize and converge. The goal is simplicity. This is just one example of the use of this exciting initiative. Wayfinders brings the software, the logistics and – most crucially – the people together in one platform to achieve concrete results.