George is a retired businessman. He ran his own restaurant for six years then expanded by opening seven others under the same name in the capital region. He later sold the company but has kept himself busy as a food service consultant. He also likes to make himself available to young entrepreneurs of any sort. Usually he meets people at the service club or at business mixers where he just likes to hang out.

Now George found Wayfinders Business Co-operative when he was browsing the web looking for new local business networks. He attended one Wayfinders business mixer and ran into a number of new entrepreneurs who were looking for someone just like George. Anita is 26 and starting a floral shop. She has worked out that she needs another $10,000 on top of the $30,000 she has already raised. George has a number of questions for her. These questions are going to open up new avenues for Anita.

A couple of days after meeting, George has joined Wayfinders and already has a few connections with people he met at the mixer. He asked Anita online how she is proceeding. Anita appreciates the accountability. As she is just starting out, she can use a little gentle prodding, someone to report to aside from her husband, mother and girlfriend. Besides, she knows George will be ready to ask her some more tough questions and she had better not embarrass herself by not being prepared.

When Anita has exhausted her creativity in problem solving, George jumps in to add one more tip or a twist. That starts a new round of brainstorming and a new plan of action for the next week. Eventually Anita realizes that what she really needs is to cut some of her original costs, buy some used equipment, and secure a line of credit. She cuts costs on floral supplies by specializing in wedding bouquets and get a better volume discount. At the same time she can then reduce marketing costs by doing more face to face networking with the wedding services specialist. Her vision has changed but as a result of George's questions, she has a business that is more likely to succeed and grow.

“No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care”

Now George is feeling pretty good about himself. Its as though he has himself succeeded in a different industry. He will go on, with Anita's glowing recommendation, to help other Wayfinders members find their ways.