Emile's Independent Truckers Dispatch

Emile is a regional hauler with his own 18 wheeler. He has contracts with a few regular shipping companies in Alberta. Recently the economy has been weak and he's not as busy as he should be if he is going to continue making payments on his truck, the mortgage on his house, and manage to put away money for his kids' college fund. One of the routine problems truckers are always aware of is going anywhere without a full load. If he can locate additional cargo while on a route he can make some needed bonus cash.

Emile was stopped at a truck stop cafe at Red Water when he heard from another trucker how to find more jobs. Tony told Emile about Wayfinders Business Co-operative where as a member he has access to a dispatch system that lists shipping jobs. While many large trucking firms have their own central dispatch systems, the independent truckers are on their own to find contracts and jobs by word of mouth and just calling around.

Not only does Wayfinders dispatch keep track of trucks by GPS location, it calculates for drivers the minimum travel routes for drivers between pick up sources and delivery destinations.
Tony says he's been very busy since he joined Wayfinders. He's been picking up numerous additional smaller jobs routinely and some of those have turned into regular contracts. He rarely has to deadhead with an empty trailer on return trips.

Meanwhile, Gloria, shipper/receiver over at Job Shop Machines, is happy she found Wayfinders. Now, instead of depending on a few trucking firms she knows personally, she can go to Wayfinders dispatch and locate trusted truckers who are available on short order. She and her customers no longer have to wait the extra days until one of the regular truckers becomes available. She can easily have her deliveries picked up and hauled to their destinations sometimes at reduced rates if a trucker is doubling up with another load.