Crowd-sourcing and the Technobility Agency

Wayfinders in the cloud is based on a Unix open-source operating system and so the Wayfinders program code is available to member programmers and those working for members. To minimize complexity and risk of downtime, Wayfinders members are invited to build their company software requirements within the Wayfinders platform. This reduces the number of lines of code, reduces incompatibilities, speeds transaction time and reduces the burden on servers. It also reduces the learning curves for company employees since the user interface and navigation system is integrated. Although there are many templates to start with, some customization is inevitable.

Technobilities is an agency that employs people with physical disabilities who are able to do digital media and programming work from their homes. Technobility is a member of Wayfinders. Through Wayfinders Technobility clients take on parts of crowd-source programming projects. When companies like Duraman Manufacturing want a piece of custom-built software they can post a work order in Wayfinders' crowd-sourcing module.

When Jeff, a senior manager at Technobility, wants to make a submission so he invites Technobility clients in the Wayfinders video collaboration module for a consultation to see how they might take on the project. Many of these regular clients are familiar with the Wayfinders platform and immediately have a sense of a company's requirements. They plan an approach using Wayfinders collaborative project planning tools and submit a proposal and prototype in response to the work order.

Duraman Manufacturing is a Calgary-based medium sized manufacturer of commercial drones. They have 45 employees in eight different roles, but they plan to expand. They have joined Wayfinders and need a software system to manage their manufacturing operations in a way that allows different employees to interface with their work within the Wayfinders platform. They have posted a work order in Wayfinders crowd-sourcing module with a full contract going to the best proposal submitted.

Other Wayfinders companies, consortia and make-shift joint ventures compete against Technobility for the order. Anyone can make a submission. They too use Wayfinders' online tools but come up with slightly different proposals at different costs. For a contract such as this one from Duraman, several specialized skill sets are needed, so many independent digital media and programmers use Wayfinders matching module to locate other members who have the requisite complementary skills and experience. They form online teams and use Wayfinders' collaborative project management and video conferencing tools to co-ordinate.

As it turns out, Technobility gets the contract. With Jeff's professional leadership and team-building experience they have been able to systematically design the best solution. He was smart to bring in one of Technobility's business analysts who was particularly gifted in understanding Duraman's corporate culture. As a result they were better able to come up with a solution that met Duraman's unstated business requirements. Even Duraman's senior management were surprised with the insights about their own company culture.