BIM - Building Information Modeling and Management

Hussam is an architect specializing in commercial buildings. He uses Wayfinders to not only advertise his services but to use its collaborative design studio. When Deborah, a real estate developer, had an idea what she wanted to do with a commercial lot on 118 Avenue, she when to Wayfinders and located Hussam. Wayfinders matched them because Deborah's job specifications identified Hussam on a short list of best matched qualified architects. She was looking for someone with experience in building commercial strip malls in Edmonton. Hussam met the criteria and in Wayfinders he has a website gallery of his work that impressed Deborah.

They made arrangements to meet on the lot site through Wayfinders meeting calendar. Based on Deborah's specifications and budget, Hussam prepared some preliminary sketches and they eventually signed an agreement. Hussam went to work in Wayfinders 3D graphics studio, checking in periodically with Deborah to get her feedback. When she was satisfied she then found Rodney, a freelance engineer though Wayfinders, to prepare the blueprints and to certify and oversee the work. The three met at a cafe near the lot to make sure they all had the same vision and understanding. Rodney picked up the drawings where Hussam left off in the Wayfinders design studio, using tools to prepare the construction blueprints and material specifications lists. As a bonus, and using the design studio renderings, Rodney was able to use a 3D printer at Wayfinders maker space to produce a 3D scale model of the completed building. Deborah was satisfied that she was going to get what she wanted.

Deborah again went to Wayfinders to locate a contractor. She got matched with six qualified general contractors and got recommendations from both Hussam and Rodney to pick the best. Tran, the selected contractor, got to work immediately, studying the construction documents in the Wayfinders design studio. Based on his construction experience Tran's keen questions led to some design changes by both Hussam and Rodney. All four parties could be on the Wayfinders design studio at the same time, using graphic pointers, text and even a video conference connection. With this level of complete communications there is little room for error.

Rodney and Tran then developed a complete project plan in Wayfinders collaborative project management module. Tran brought in sub-contractors to consult on sub-trade work such as masonry, plumbing, electrical, heating and ventilation. Over the next few weeks they simultaneously worked out work schedules and budgets, and made some further changes after Deborah reviewed the construction management plan. Two subcontractors, new to Wayfinders, were so impressed they decided to join Wayfinders so they could access this service directly in the future.

A year later, Deborah was so impressed with how smoothly the project went - on time and under budget, that she gave everyone on the team a high rating and recommendation in Wayfinders. They, in turn were so happy working with Deborah that they too rated and recommended her company highly.