More About Wayfinders Business Cooperative

Navigating the 21st Century from Local to Global

Dear Friend:

The Wayfinders Vision:
To provide member access to a suite of services to assist you in managing yourself, your company, agency, institute or community organization. Membership will enable you to use co-op resources to optimize the value that you and your organization offer while earning fair and appropriate returns.

Let me tell you about Wayfinders Business Co-operative!

  • A social enterprise that takes full advantage of both digital and face-to -face platforms
  • A turn-key management console and performance dashboard for operating your business or organization
  • Members help each other by contributing their talents and knowledge while helping themselves and the entities they represent
  • Share knowledge, support and guidance you need to fully participate in your local economy while taking advantage of regional and global economies of scale
  • Use your choice of scalable advanced management tools, methods and open data that make large corporations successful (training included). With these advanced tools you strategically navigate complex choices and make strong tactical decisions to build viability and accelerate growth
  • Online business match-making, project management, collaboration and innovation apps can be used to support formation of regional industry clusters and supply chains
  • An online marketplace supports local shopping as well as orientation for newcomers
  • Tap into collective buying power for everyday small business needs
  • Share in the benefits traditionally provided by the cooperative model: education, community knowledge, mentorship, democratic member control, and built-in resiliency
  • Using the power of community crowd sourcing, you participate in an intelligence matrix to which each contributes and from which each draws on a routine basis
  • Members create a simple, yet powerful, environment in which you do your most valued and meaningful work with minimal stress

As a member you will get key benefits:

Your own management console and dashboard in a cloud
Access to the members' talent pools -- crowd-sourcing
Access web-based collaboration, project management and match-making (under construction)
An equal vote at meetings of the general membership

You will experience:

Engage in a friendly and trusting club atmosphere for face to face networking, learning and collaborative innovation sessions
Participate in organizational learning that cyclically builds best business practices and raises your performance outcomes
Enjoy the spirit of co-operative enterprise in a trusted environment

What Wayfinders needs from you:

Buy one membership voting share for $100
Pay an annual service fee of $49
Participate democratically in Wayfinders' broad based governance system

Should this opportunity interest you, please don’t hesitate to contact the undersigned. Thank you!

Wayfinders Business Cooperative is in the early stages of development. We are presently:

  • Building our governance capacity and a network of partners
  • Building our prototype platform for testing
  • Meeting with potential stakeholders, focus groups and users to collect feedback
  • Seeking funding support

Randal Adcock, President & Chief Innovation Officer
Over thirty years of experience in business, community and economic development

Leo Campos Aldunez, Advisor & Community Outreach
Over thirty years of experience in community animation, communications, and adult education