About Wayfinders Business Cooperative


Wayfinders Business Co-operative is establishing a company that will provide management support services to our members.  Our site is currently under construction.

Wayfinders understands that you are a decision maker facing a growing number of challenges in your complex world. You need to be able to leverage your personal resources to find your best way forward so you can be most productive with your time and efforts.

As a Member you will be able to access a variety of digital and facilitation services to assist in managing yourself, your company, agency, institute or community organisation. As a member you will be able to use co-op resources to optimize the value you and your organization offer while earning appropriate returns.

As a co-operative, Wayfinders does not exist to maximize shareholder profits but to provide the best available  range of services to members at low cost.  It is expected that most software will consist of integrated and modified open source programs. Live local facilitation services are based on best practices.

You will be able to access a suite of online tools for management support, such as training, mentoring, business analysis, planning, forecasting, data analytics, decision support, collaboration, business match-making and more. You conduct business as you would with your regular suppliers, customers, and partners whether members or non-members. The co-op helps you manage your business regardless.

You will be able to build your own user profiles, control panels and dashboards in a cloud environment and use an integrated navigation system to access the various tools available. On the ground you can choose to network with local members on any subject of shared interest.

Wayfinders will include live and online forums for member discussions on subjects of shared interest.  A program for establishing local meetings will be provided. It will include instructional material on how to set up, promote, manage and maintain a live local forum and chapter.

As a co-operative Wayfinders is to be governed by members. Each member will get a vote for a governing council and for key decisions affecting the organisation. Members collectively will decide what services will be provided on the cloud-based platform and live on the ground.

Behind the scenes Wayfinders Co-op will have a team of developers working to assemble and develop excellent methods and techniques for live and online management support services.

One of the main reasons to consider joining us is that we place a premium on building a trusting and supportive community. If you want more information let us know by commenting.